Message from the Director of the Australian Dance Performance Institute

Australian Dance Performance Institute (ADPI) welcomes all international students.

ADPI was the first dance school in Queensland to develop and deliver accredited courses. We have a proven track record with our students gaining employment into international and national dance companies, commercial dance companies and furthering their education at leading universities.

ADPI is led by an international dedicated team with a reputation for passion, innovation and excellence. We strive to provide quality training in an inspirational environment for students to further develop their skills in their chosen performing arts genre.

Gaining your chosen qualification is a stepping-stone on your path to a career in the performing arts. Living and studying in another country is an exciting and challenging experience, we invite you to join us in beautiful Queensland Australia, which offers a wonderful climate and multicultural environment. If you require further information about ADPI please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff.



  • Competencies such as those attained through completion of compulsory schooling in Australia or equivalent
  • Dance competence at RAD Intermediate Foundation standard or equivalent; or
  •  Demonstrated high level of vocal ability

Students from a non-English speaking background (English as a second language), should have achieved the following levels in oral / aural components of ESL proficiency.


International Second Language Proficiency Ratings
scale 2+ to 3 (with no score less than 2)


International English Language Testing System (Preferably Module C)
Band 5.5 (with no score less than 5)


Test of English as a Foreign Language – 530

ADPI holds CRICOS (01600A) registration

International applicants require an audition (in person or DVD), a Student Visa, Health Insurance and an IELTS 5.5 or equivalent in English language skills before entering selected theory subjects.


  • Please fill out the attached application and medical form in English 
    • All prospective students are required to submit a completed Medical Information formcertified by a Medical Practitioner, as part of their Audition Application.
  • Please submit a DVD or video link
  • Please submit soft or hard copies of the following:
    • Full body in leotard and tights – facing front, feet parallel arms beside body
    • Degage devant in the Ouvert alignment, arms 4th Opposition. Both sides
    • 1st Arabesque decote, both sides
    • Demi Plie in 1st Position, en face, arms in Second Position.
    • Sitting on the floor, back straight facing the side, with legs to the front fully stretched and feet pointed.
  • Due Date: to be received no later than Wednesday 14th  November, 2018
  • Email to:
  • Post to: 33 Collingwood St, Albion. QLD. 4010. Australia
  • Results of auditions (by DVD or video link) are normally emailed to you within 10 working days


If applying for the Classical and Contemporary Dance Specialisation:

  • A verbal introduction by the applicant stating what their aspirations for the future are and why he/she would like to be accepted into the course at ADPI
  • Class (10 – 15 mins) covering Barre, Adage, Pirouettes, Allegro with batterie
  • A Classical Solo (females en pointe) if auditioning for Classical Stream
  • A Solo of a different genre (Contemporary, Jazz, Neo)

If applying for the Musical Theatre and Commercial Dance Specialisation:

  • A verbal introduction by the applicant stating what their aspirations for the future in this genre are and why he/she would like to be accepted into the course at ADPI
  • A song, preferably from a Musical
  • A monologue chosen from the enclosed list
  • A Jazz Solo
  • A Tap Solo or a solo of another genre


Our Audition Panel will be assessing candidates in all genres for:

  • Technique and Artistry
  • Potential
  • Physicality
  • Strength and Flexibility
  • Musicality
  • Performance
  • Achievements to Date
  • Commitment, and
  • Literacy